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Jamina Bach FAQ

Question: What program do you use?

I use Clip Studio Paint EX on the Wacom Cintiq Pro 24".

Question: Can I use or repost your artwork?

Please contact me through one of the methods provided here. Please provide the purpose and specify which artwork in your message.

For commission details visit here.

For further inquiries, business or otherwise, please contact me using one of the methods provided in the link below.

Jamina Bach Rates

Coming Soon

Jamina Bach Process

Time Constraints

- Commissions usually take 2 weeks to finish.
- Please contact me ahead of time if you have a deadline within 2 weeks. These commissions are prone to additional fees. (See Rates)
- I will notify before confirming the commission if there might be possible delays.

Commission Limitations

- I don't draw Mecha.
- I don't draw extremely muscular characters.
- I don't draw heavily detailed backgrounds.
- Complicated designs are prone to additional fees or additional time needed. (See Rates)
- I don't copy other artists' art styles.

Payment Methods

- I only accept payment through PayPal at the moment. More options will be added in the future.

Commission Process

- First come, first serve. I have the right to reject any commissions.
- Please contact me using one of the methods here. Please state what you would like (see rates here). I will most likely reply with more details and/or questions within 3 days.
- I will provide a rough sketch before payment.
- Once the rough sketch is settled, an invoice will be sent through PayPal. An alternative payment method may be discussed.
- Once the payment is settled, I will do additional sketches with no additional fees for any changes.
- I will complete the piece once the final sketch is settled.
- A Google Drive link will be sent once it is completed. A direct email is also a possibility if preferred.

Additional Changes

- Changes can be done for free in the rough sketching phase before payment.
- Sketches will be done along the way with no additional fees for changes made.
- Changes after the sketching phase will be prone to additional fees.
- More complex works may take additional time to complete.
- Additions (like additional characters) to the work are prone to additional fees.


- Full refunds are available until the 2nd sketch after the payment.
- If I cannot complete the work due to complications on my end, I will provide a full refund.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for any additional information!